Shane Pierce is an American born self-taught artist whose current oil painting work focuses on the self created Nomad series. He’s been a professional artist for over 18 years working on high profile projects for Harley-Davidson, Sony Entertainment, EA, and Epic Games. He’s also worked on concept art for the Gears of War franchise, creating work for art collectors, art books, galleries, and comic books.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Volume 16 entry
Featured Artist in Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 50
Warren County Art Award of Excellence
The Mountain Painting Award Winner
Tree-Free Painting Award Winner

Client List:
Strynchnin Gallery
Monocyte IDW publishing
Electronic Arts
Sony Computer Entertainment
Epic Games
Volition Inc.
Cannon Designs

contact Shane Pierce: shanepierceart@gmail.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shane.pierce.50
twitter: https://twitter.com/shanepierceart

 All Artwork on this website is copyright Shane Pierce unless otherwise noted and may not be used without explicit permission. Nomads look and feel is Trademarked.  All artwork © Shane Pierce